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  • Pickup your specialization
  • Select seniority level and filter offers only to those that looks interesting
  • Apply through email (no login required)
  • Wait for a recruiter to get back to you
  • Change your life!

Looking for a way to be notified about the latest offers? Each specialization has it owns Facebook Group or Twitter Account. Just go and join/follow it at social media, after all we spent more time looking at Facebook rather than our email, aren't we?

We are working very hard to provide you only latest and best job offers. By default, we are not going to show you any offers older than days. If by accident you open old offer page, we are going to warn you. According to our experience best job offers after days are already taken, so don't wait to long and apply!


  • Post job offer in specialization
  • Wait for candidates to apply through email
  • Wait for us to forward you candidate application
  • Hire most talented people!

Posting offers is free, but there is a limit how many you can post without waiting. This limit is created to give equal chances to all recruiters and not spam candidates with duplicated and boring offers. However if your offer is so good that it should not wait, email us at so we might give you some instant offers.