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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but only for the first 4 hours, after that time it can be removed and added once again. Please also remember that offer url can't be changed.

After 20 candidates will not be able to find it at specialization page, those who access through direct url will be warned that offer might be outdated.

It usually takes less than a minute to publish the offer at specialization page and selected social channels.

That depends, by default all offers are available at specialization page, offers from some categories can be also automatically propagated at our social channels.

Social channel is for example Facebook Group. Our system is automatically posting offers at our dedicated Facebook Groups, so it will reach only interested candidates, without spam.

Currently it's Facebook and Twitter, but we are working on adding more.

We are working on adding all social channels to all specialiazations.

You can post 2 offers imidiatelly in any category, then you need to wait 14 days for the quota to regenerate.

Extra offers are offers you can post even when you are throttled, they are time limited so better don't wait too long!

There is! Email us at to get more details!

It's a feature that once offer pass 20 days, our system will auto renew it, making it once again available at specialization page and in the search.

No, that feature is available only when posting offer for the first time and only at specific groups.

Your question is not at the list? Contact us at